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Therapeutic Massage:

$30 - 30 minutes

$55 - 60 minutes

$85 - 90 minutes

Student Massage:

$35 - 60 minutes  

$45 - 60 minutes w/CBD


- 60 minute, full body, therapeutic and relaxing massage of varying pressures customized to your preference. Student massages are done in a private, relaxing, spa like environment and are of professional quality. All student massages are performed by a male therapist (please see "ABOUT" for more info on who we are) 

CBD Massage:

-Enhance the therapeutic benefit of massage by adding CBD. CBD is known to have relaxing and anti inflammatory properties and when added to massage oils and creams takes the massage to the next level of healing, relaxation & pain relief. We use a variety of different products that include oils, creams and balms, with different strength concentrations. You will leave with a calm mind and a lighter body. 

$35 - 30 minutes

$65 - 60 minutes

$95 - 90 minutes 

Detox Foot Bath:    

-Ionic foot detox baths are a purifying and cleansing treatment for the body that utilizes the healing power of ions. Ions, because of their charge, are chemically reactive and create powerful changes in the body. The ions travel through the body, attaching to and neutralizing oppositely charged particles. These waste products are expelled through the normal elimination channels such as sweat, urine & stool in the days to follow your treatment. Some of the known benefits include, increased energy, stress reduction, heavy metal detoxification, improved sleep, mental clarity, enhanced immune function, liver detoxification, relief of joint pain, increased circulation and cleansing from bacteria, yeast  & viruses. 

$25 - single session 30 minutes

$110.00 - package of 5

$200.00 - package of 10

Infrared Sauna:

-Infrared saunas produce a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation, detoxification and improved immune function. Infrared heats the body directly, causing a rise in core body temperature. This results in a deep, detoxifying sweat at a cellular level, where toxins reside. Known benefits of infrared saunas include detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved circulation & better immune function. 

$15 - 20 mins

$25 - 30 mins

$12 each - when you buy 5 or more 20 minute sauna sessions

$20 each - when you buy 5 or more 30 minute sauna sessions 

$199 a month - unlimited monthly use

~ sauna sessions less than 20 minutes - $1 a minute

~ additional person - 50% off service price

~ 20% off any 20 minute or more sauna session when scheduled with a massage.

​****We do not offer "deep" tissue massage. We offer a comprehensive, therapeutic massage using different variations of pressure from light to firm. This type of work is generally sufficient for people who desire deeper work and with a firm pressure will break through the superficial layer and offer pain relieving benefits without potential of damage to the tissue. If you have a desire for deep work we also suggest you add a 20 minute sauna session before the massage to help warm the tissue to better assist in breaking through the superficial layers and CBD for the added pain relief benefit. 

All services by appointment Monday - Saturday.  

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